The innovation network XR-INTERACTION was initiated by the Professorship of Ergonomics and Innovation Management at Chemnitz University of Technology. Together with the Professorship of Production Systems and Processes, it is responsible for the coordination of the network and the network work.


Institute building of the Professorship of Ergonomics and Innovation Management on the university campus "Erfenschlag"

Professorship of Ergonomics and Innovation Management

Research on human-technology interaction with a focus on 3D interaction and virtual technologies.

The professorship with its 35 scientific staff has been conducting research at the interface between humans and technology for more than 20 years. The research work is oriented towards the user cendered design process with a focus on evaluation research. In more than 15 multi-year research projects on the development of new XR technologies and their use in industrial as well as work and life environments, questions regarding acceptance, usability, perception of presence and other factor-human-related criteria have been investigated.

Professorship of Production Systems and Processes

Research and development of virtual technologies in the field of virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

For more than 20 years, the professorship and its more than 50 scientific staff have been conducting research on virtual technologies. Starting with projective VR, the researchers are now mainly concerned with mobile XR technology, with a focus on VR/AR visualization and related 3D model generation and conversion, integration with different capture systems and their connection to external systems and data sources, motion capturing and the integration of stand-alone solutions, as well as VR/AR interaction and navigation methods and user interfaces.

Haus M

Institute building of the Professorship of Production Systems and Processes on the university campus "Reichenhainer Straße"

Selection of own research work


Augmented reality for assembly assistance

knowledge work

Use of Mixed Reality in the Knowledge Workplace


Ultrasonic feedback for gesture-based control

city planning

Virtual Reality for citizen participation in urban plannin

light ar

Simulation of light sources in augmented reality


Surgery training simulator with haptic feedback


Haptic feedback for touchless interaction

ar projection

Spatial Augmented Reality for Human-Robot Interaction


Virtual theater formats for cultural participation

voir vr

Collaborative virtual visualization tools


Social presence in virtual concerts

presence research

Technologies to improve the spatial presence experience

remote assistance

Remote support for industrial tasks with AR


Combination of telepresence robotics and VR


3D perception in autostereoscopic displays


Methodology research for VR user studies

digital twin

AR support via digital twin


Virtual technologies for learning and training proces

product development

Use of virtual reality in product development 

user studies

Use of virtual techniques for evaluation studies

Lab Landscape

Both facilities have a large laboratory landscape with different laboratories in which virtual technologies can be developed or used and tested.

Human Machine Interaction Lab of the Professorship of Ergonomics and Innovation Management for the Factor-Human-Related Evaluation of Virtual Technologies

Laboratories of the Professorship of Production Systems and Processes for the development of virtual technologies and technical testing in different fields of application